Julie Casey November 18, 2019

Ah, the holidays. There is nothing quite like the thought of coming home to a beautifully decorated home. Garland running down the staircase, the dining table resplendent with a gorgeous table setting, perfect holiday touches throughout the house that are not too much and not too little. 

But have you ever gotten deep into the decorating (or maybe been to a friends home), and realized that all that time, money and effort and still just…not working? Decorating for the holidays can be a real hassle. It takes a lot of time, and can even be a safety risk. 

There is an easier way. Don’t leave the most important part of the year to chance. Take the time to enjoy your holidays and call on a professional. A skilled interior and exterior designer can transform your home into an appropriate and refined winter wonderland! 

Here are some traditional options for you to consider:

Front porch area. This is the most visible part of your home for your neighbors. But getting it to look great can be challenging. Too much on a small porch, or too much on a larger one can do more harm than good! The style you employ on the front porch needs to carry into and throughout the house. A professional holiday designer can create the perfect setting that will inspire and be the pride of the neighborhood.

Entry area. For your family and guests that visit during the holiday, this area will set the stage for their holiday experience in your home. Once again, the size of the area will dictate much of how it is decorated. Small entry ways can be as stunning as large ones. But both must be decorated correctly. Lighting and accessories in this area will go a long way to setting the correct ambiance. 

Professional Tip: Hire a professional holiday designer to shop for the right holiday decor for your home. While it may seem counterintuitive, four hours of a designer’s time will save you a lot of time and potential frustration. It will probably save you money as well; designers know where the bargains are and sometimes can get better deals. They know scale (what size of decoration fits best in your home) and how to flow one area into the next. 

Do you love to go shopping for your holiday decor? Take your designer with you and see how much more fun you have!

Tablescapes. A good designer can create masterpieces on the tables throughout your house. Kitchen table, dining table, entry table, hallway table, bedroom dressers…there are so many areas and ways to decorate. Let your designer know your vision and have him or her create it for you. 

Staircases, doorways and hallways. Staircases and doorways are traditional areas to decorate for the holidays…and one of the most frustrating for homeowners. They can be tricky, taking hours and still not look right. Hire a designer to complete the process quickly and make it look perfect. 

Don’t let holiday decorating take the joy out of the season. Invest in a professional holiday designer and watch your home become the winter wonderland of your dreams!

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