Julie Casey October 30, 2019

Remodeling in the winter? Yes!

There are significant benefits to remodeling during the winter months. While it might not be for everyone, a winter remodel can actually save time and money for the homeowner. Here are our 4 benefits to a winter remodel.

1. Scheduling with your contractor. Winter months are traditionally less busy for contractors. This can be a great benefit for you! You can frequently schedule your start time exactly when you want it, and total project time can often be shorter than a summer remodel. That means more convenience and less time that portions of your house are unusable. 

2. Permits and inspections are often acquired and completed more quickly in the winter. One of the unknowns during remodeling projects is the time it will take to get a permit and inspection. Your contractor may need to wait days while your request with the municipality is professed. Because there is less activity in the winter, permits and inspections often happen much quicker. This saves you time.

3. Take advantage of lower prices. Home building suppliers have less business during the winter months. To attract business, they frequently offer winter specials. You can enjoy big savings on flooring, appliances, cabinets, countertops, and more when you remodel during the winter.  Many contractors provide winter discounts as well. Ask your contractor if they are running any winter specials. Some provide free back splashes, standing tubs, or a free appliance with the remodel.

4. Who doesn’t want to get away from the cold and take a winter vacation? While some may not want to leave their home during a remodel, others may find this to be an ideal time to take off. You can avoid the challenge of having a basement, kitchen or bathroom off limits while you enjoy some sun and beach fun. This can ease stress and have the effect of shortening the remodel time for you and your family.

Are you wondering if a winter remodel is right for you and your family? Contact your remodeling contractor and visit with them about potential benefits. Bryan Casey Construction is an award-winning home remodeling and interior design company based in Kansas City, Missouri. Co-Founder Bryan Casey is a licensed builder and contractor and has built premium-quality kitchens, basements and bathrooms for over 20 years. Co-Founder Julie Casey received her degree in Residential Interior Design and has created beautiful custom design projects for over 20 years. 

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