Modern Chic

This Modern Chic make-over was made possible by an amazing client who was able to express her overall thoughts and then stand back and let the magic unfold.

Her beautiful two story home was not quite the master piece she knew it could be.  So we put together a plan to transform this everyday home into a show stopping retreat for her and her children.

First, we had all the walls repainted into a soft gray overall with pops of a dark charcoal for drama in a new transformed sitting room.  Next we replaced every light fixture throughout the main floor.  One of my favorite things is seeing a clients face when we install new light fixtures.  I always says light fixtures are like the jewelry that makes the outfit.  Then, we replaced the stair runner carpet and glazed down the oak end caps and handrail to really frame in the new metallic stair runner carpet.   Finally, it was time to have all the new furniture delivered.

Although that may seem like the end of the project, my projects are never complete until they are fully accessorized.  In this case the client was so patient to let me fine tune all the little details knowing that the end result would be well worth the wait.

The soft whites, framed in with gray walls, topped off by light pinks,and touches of gold sprinkled throughout are what makes this home stand out from so many others.