Born and raised in Kansas City, I love the uniqueness of our city. It has a small town, yet cosmopolitan feel that inspires me and makes me proud to call it home.

The every-day artistry, creativity, and energy of the city helps shape Julie Casey Design, or JC Design. I have always had a passion for design. It led me to my double major in Commercial and Residential Design at Missouri State University. Upon graduation, I accepted a position as a Residential Designer for a retail firm in Kansas City. I worked with their clients on design projects, while also coordinating with the purchasing team to create a showroom that provided custom, unique and ideal pieces for the Kansas City market. I enjoyed working with the purchasers and clients for over twenty years, helping take customers’ dreams and creating beautiful realities.

During that time, I began working with Bryan Casey Construction in 2001. We continue our collaboration today, as both work partners and as spouses! Bryan and I partner together from the outset with clients on their building or remodeling projects. As a team, we have a natural feel for how design elements and materials come together to create spaces that our clients love.

In 2016, I started my own business, JC Design. I work with individuals and families in Kansas City and across the country to bring their design and decorating visions to life. I continue to work closely with Bryan Casey Construction on all their remodeling and design projects.

My passion for my work is stronger than ever. I love the ability to work with different clients on all types of projects. From big to small, the thing I love most is the ability to be creative, every single day. The look I get from clients when they have that “ah ha” moment when they feel it all come together is the best.

I pride myself on approaching each job as being wholly unique. I want the design to fit the client, not make the client fit my design. It is important to me to not have one set look like some designers. In that sense, I have created many designs in many different styles to match the client’s desires, but all without unique elements just for them. I want the client to feel like their project is all theirs, and not a copy of someone else’s. It takes a lot of work to make each job unique. But that’s the true beauty of design.

Bryan and I have two amazing girls that keep us running when we are not working on a project.

I would be delighted to visit with you about your design and remodel needs.

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