Color Layouts

A speciality of JC Design, we offer full color layouts to ensure the ideal coloring for your room and furniture. Whether you are wanting to redo one room or an entire home, we discuss the options for color, and the best way to utilize a cohesive color palette for your home. This is a great way to start each project before buying anything. It allows you to have a plan for the overall color and accent colors, and how they can be introduced into the design.

Furniture Planning

We all know the fear of looking at a room, wondering how you will ever lay out the furniture. It can be overwhelming to walk into a furniture store, fall in love with a piece of furniture, but have no idea how it is supposed to go together in your home. At JC Designs, I work with you to create a furniture plan with pieces that are not only best scaled for the room, but with the ideal fabrics for each piece. Meeting together at your favorite store, you can have confidence in what you are selecting and what fabrics are best suited for your style and your family’s needs.


I love creating tablescapes for every season. I believe whether it is your entry table, dining table, or kitchen table setting, the mood for the time of year, or your event, is a great way to express your personal design. Your entry table, for example, is one of the most important elements you have and sets the tone for the whole home. We will work together to create a tablescape with the ability to be subtly transformed, depending on the holiday or season – simple things like changing the florals or greens, and witching out the runner or adding a runner. They all are a part of creating a focal point in one area of your home.


Most people have things in their home that they love, but don't realize it is in the wrong place. Often, scale and shape are an issue when accessorizing your home. And it is important to understand how critical placement is when accessorizing. In today’s world, less is more when it comes to accents. I work with you and review your existing pieces. Together, we see how we can transform them by moving and adding new, fresh pieces with them. Small touches can make a big difference in the warmth and "wow" of your home.

Holiday Decorating

Holiday decorating is a staple for JC Designs. I started doing in-home holiday decorating in 1998 when I first became a designer. I was able to learn from the very best on how to decorate for the holidays. Christmas is the biggest holiday season for me, but I have done them all I have many clients for whom I decorate everything from mantles, stairways, tabletops, and, of course, the tree – even the front porch! I work with you, make a game plan for the holiday and where we want to add pops of color and flair. We can add to existing years of holiday, or start from scratch and create a new look.