Julie Casey May 30, 2019

You may remodel your home only once or twice in your life. When you do, you want to nail it! A great remodel can bring years of enjoyment and pride. A not-so-great remodel? Well, let’s just say you’ll be reminded of it every day for as long as you own your home.

So, how can you ensure you nail the remodel on the first go?

Here are 6 Keys to Making Sure Your Remodel is a Success

1. Prior Planning Prevents…well, you know the adage. Plan well in advance for a home remodel. It will help ensure you get the dream basement, kitchen or bathroom of your dreams.

a. Define your goals. Are you planning to remodel to sell your home, or to enjoy for the next 20 years? Do you want more space, more utility, more wow-factor?
b. Know your budget and convey that to the remodeler. You will want to make sure your vision and your budget align before starting your project.
c. Have multiple meetings with your remodeler. Have them to your home and walk through the space. Consider taking them out for lunch and establish rapport while talking about the project.

2. It may sound obvious, but choose a quality remodeler whose work you trust, and who you will enjoy working with. This individual and his or her team will have a big impact on your life. And for several weeks, or even months (depending on the scope of your project), they will be in your house interacting with you, your kids and your pets.

3. Communicate to your remodeler your vision, define your expectations and limitations. A professional remodeler will glean your comments and your description of what you want and create a beautiful outcome for you. But don’t make it hard for them.

a. Find pictures online that inspire you, draw your vision out on paper and describe it to your remodeler. No detail is too small. Over-communicating before you start will help avoid misunderstandings mid-project.
b Think through your family’s schedule and set parameters with your remodeler. If you have couples over every Thursday at 5pm for socializing and dinner, make sure and convey that to your contractor. Make sure he or she is finished, cleaned up and out of the house in plenty of time for your friends arrival.
c. Agree on a clean-up plan that your remodeler agrees to. After several weeks, you will appreciate a clean work area.
d. You have the right to set aside off-limit, construction free areas. These areas are where you can “live” and have privacy during the remodel. A good remodeler will help you create that space in your home.

4. Plan for your kids to be out of the home during work times. If they are at home, protect them from the work zone for their safety. Talk to them well in advance about the dangers associated with machinery and debris on the ground. Alert them to strangers in the home, and potential loud noises.

5. Don’t forget and pets too! Have a plan for them during construction times and zones. Even a pet motel for a few nights may be the right call to avoid undue stress for them and you.

6. Prepare for electrical or water outages during periods of the remodel. Not having water or electricity the morning you need to shower, shave and blow dry your hair before a big presentation is a new kind of stress. Think through your needs and covey those to your remodeler.

With prior planning, a remodel can be an exciting and enjoyable experience. When in doubt, ask your remodeler for advice. Professional remodelers have done this a lot, and likely have a checklist for your preparation.

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Bryan Casey Construction is an award-winning home remodeling and interior design company based in Kansas City, Missouri. Co-Founder Bryan Casey is a licensed builder and contractor and has built premium-quality kitchens, basements and bathrooms for over 20 years. Co-Founder Julie Casey received her degree in Residential Interior Design and has created beautiful custom design projects for over 20 years.

They offer free consultations to help you understand the possibilities, cost and time associated with all aspects of a remodel. To Contact Bryan Casey Construction, call 816-716-8258. To Contact Julie Casey JC Design, call 816-616-3758.