Julie Casey June 30, 2019

Choosing the right style for your home remodel can be exhilarating. It can also feel overwhelming. What seemed initially like a fun journey to create your dream remodel can quickly become paralyzing.

One question seems to lead to another. If you style the outside of our house, will it flow with the neighborhood? WIll it flow with the inside of our house? If you just do a bathroom, will it mesh with your existing bedroom and remainder of the house?

You love contemporary (or Mediterranean, or Cape Cod, or High Desert), but will that style still work in ten years? Can our basement be a different style than your upstairs? Do you do tile or wood flooring in your kitchen?

What if you spend a lot of money and make a fundamental styling mistake? Gulp.

Fortunately, there are expert designers and styling decorators that can ensure you not only do not make a mistake, but absolutely nail your look and feel.

Here are 5 Tips To Choose The Right Style For Your Remodel From Expert Interior Designer Julie Casey

  1. Design with the future in mind. Understanding “timeless” and “enduring styles will serve you well over time. The newest thing can seem fun and hip, but can also quickly become dated. Out of date renovations can cost two ways: requiring a subsequent remodel, or pressuring price on a sale.
  2. Choosing colors and height is critical to achieving your look. Some decorators have a gift of selecting colors. Find them and use them. The right color for a room can be its more important element. Forcing your eyes to move up and back down as you experience the room is key to expanding the space and providing a sense of depth, density and interest.
  3. Be consistent throughout your home. Maintain the same color palette, style, material and furniture throughout your home. Sure, you can have a signature chair, rug, accessory, or light fixture. But too much, too many styles and a lack of cohesion can be disorienting, distracting and energy-sucking for both inhabitants and guests. Let your style flow consistently throughout the house.
  4. Let your space breathe – one primary focal point per space. It is tempting to do a lot – i.e., too much – in a newly remodeled room. Have your designer help incorporate just the right amount of furniture, accessories, window treatments and wall hangings. Let them breathe and receive the attention they demand without competing with too many other items in close proximity.
  5. Use a professional interior designer and decorator. You may have decorated past homes and have a real knack for it. Invest in a designer for a handful of hours to ensure you get the spacing and placement just right. If you are a bit unsure of your ability to pull it off, a professional designer will be the best investment of your (decorating) life. You’ll avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes, and get inspired by seeing a professional bring your vision to life.

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