Julie Casey December 9, 2019

So many holiday decorating ideas, so little time! Where does one even start How about by calling a professional designer to help organize and streamline your holiday decorating program?

Here are 5 fun holiday decorating tips from Julie Casey, professional interior designer and holiday design specialist in Kansas City.

  1. Carry the decorating through the entire house. It is easy to get caught up in the front porch and entryway. No doubt that these are very important to your holiday decorations, but overweight in these areas and less attention to the rest of the house will give a disproportionate, unbalanced feel.  Carrying the theme into the kitchen, dining room, hallways and bathrooms will give a consistent, organized and stronger overall effect.
  2. You don’t have the break the bank. Use what you have, augment with some new items. Holiday decorating can get expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. Acquiring a few new items can freshen your existing cache and revitalize your look for a this new season. Professional Tip: New colored candles can add a nice hit of color and a fresh look without hitting the pocketbook.
  3. Less is more. It can be tempting to add “little touches” here and there….on top of the bigger touches! Be careful not to overpower your home with too many decorations.  They can end up having the opposite effect desired by oversaturating the senses and not allowing displays to “breathe” and be enjoyed more fully.
  4. Use little gifts as part of your decorations. The holidays are all about giving. If you plan to have guests or family over for the holidays, wrap a number of small gifts that can be used in your decorations. Professional Tip: A fun idea is to have a bowl of small gifts on your entry table. It looks festive, and also enables you to actually give one of the gifts to your guests upon arrival, or as they leave your home!
  5. This sounds trite…but have fun! The holidays should be fun for you and your family. I cannot tell you how many stories I have heard of holiday decorating not only causing stress and taking much more time than expected, but actually pressuring relationships with spouses and families. That is definitely not what decorating should be about. It should be fun, meaningful and light-hearted. Bringing in a designer/consultant may be an ideal way to avoid any potential stress points during the process. designers can even do the shopping and set up for you.

Great holiday decorations can really add that wow factor you are seeking for the holidays. Do it stress-free with these tips. Hire a designer to save time, stress and avoid any potential pain points with spouses or family members!

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